No-Code Don’t Intimidate Me

Where to Start and How to Start with No-Code

You came across an article on No-Code tools. You read it. And you are now intrigued. The article stated that you don't need to code to build the everyday apps. It didn't make sense when you compare to what you've heard before.

I had the same reaction too. But there is a different problem now - where do you start?

There are so many tutorials out there with so many different tools. The number of possibilities is overwhelming for anyone.

I broke down two different ways to approach No-Code.

Option 1 - Start with the idea in your head

I’m sure that some of you are dying to start on your idea. The idea that wants to burst out from your head and into the world. I would take a shot and say that your idea would most likely either be an app or a website.

If your idea is an app, the two popular choices would be either Bubble or Adalo.

Bubble is a responsive web app released about five years ago. It is the more mature of the two and has a responsive community. You could build almost any app out there such as Uber and AirBnb. The most famous example is a Twitter clone.

Screenshot of NotRealTwitter (NotRealTwitter)

There are many Bubble tutorials out there - examples of building popular apps and websites such as Uber, Twitter and ProductHunt.

Click here to check out Bubble.

Adalo is also a responsive web app but released about a year ago. It is not as fleshed out as Bubble but the Adalo team are banging out updates quick. So expect the competition to be much closer in the coming months.

Click here to check out Adalo.

If you aren't sure which web app to use, you should try out both first. So you could get a feel of how the logic works. At this point, it is the up to the users on which is more intuitive for them.

If your idea is a website, the popular choices are Webflow or Carrd.

Carrd is a responsive one-page website builder. This means you can only build a page. But don’t let this fool you. Carrd gives you the freedom to customise the page to your own liking. With an hour or two of playing around with it, it felt natural and intuitive.

Carrd works best for building landing pages and personal profiles.

My humble homepage made with Carrd (

Click here to check out Carrd.

Webflow is a responsive static* website. What this website excels in is that it can create gorgeous websites. Talented designers have reproduced the AirPod and Tesla Cybertruck pages. This web app is heaven sent for designers.

Screenshot of AirPods Pro (

Webflow has a steeper learning curve than Carrd because of the greater design customisation,  . You will take a longer time learning it but for those who love to design beautiful websites, it will be time well spent.

Click here to check out Webflow.

Option 2 - Test the waters

If you don’t have a clear idea, think about what is around you. What do you use every day? You may use Uber to drive you from your home to your office (an app). You may read your favourite blogs in your free time (a website). You may also use Twitter or Instagram for your social needs (both apps).

From there you could learn to recreate your usual needs.

(FYI: I’ve created a page of resources for No-Code tools. Click here.)

But of course, this is a drop in the ocean of No-Code. I’ll be writing more on No-Code tools and how to use them for your business ideas.

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Thanks for reading,

Luqman Z.A.

*Static website is a fixed webpage that you cannot interact with. It is more like a newspaper as opposed to an app. (If you could come up with a better explanation, do tweet me. I couldn’t find a layman explanation of it.)

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Start learning about building and selling with No-Code tools weekly.

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